MCA Featured Artist Bonnie Heidbrak, Oct. 2020

A life-long world traveler, the visual perception Bonnie shares with you is alternately (and sometimes collectively) evocative, inspiring, joyful, eclectic, and always…stunning.

“There is so much beauty I the world,” Bonnie says. “Sometimes it’s in the little things, sometimes in the big things, but you have to walk around with awareness. When I go down a street…” (or maybe road, alley, waterway… on foot, in a Jeep, in a gondola…) … “I’m being very aware of how things play off each other… and how it all is constantly changing.”

For Bonnie, what she sees, how she sees things, and the pictures she takes, are not just the sum of the parts, but sometimes parts of the parts. Like the thoughtful eye of this African elephant, contrasted to the rough planes and textures of its skin. What do you see? Rivers, landscape, or did you spy the thoughtful eye in the lower left corner.

She calls her work “Lucid Photo Art.” “Lucid‑is how I see,” she explains. “When I’m looking around, shooting, it’s what comes up—texture, light and contrast. I kind of go into a different dimension—an artistic space‑if I’m shooting a lot. Everybody else is walking by, not really seeing what I see. And I’m like, Wow! What is that! That’s why I call it Lucid.”

Read more about Bonnie in the San Juan Silver Stage, where she is featured for October 2020.

Bonnie Heidbrak show, “Lines, and Curves in Nature and Structure,” shows all month. Listen to interview with Bonnie as she talks about her work.

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