MCA Featured Artist Gary Ratcliff, March 2021

Photographs from Ouray, Telluride, and Silverton regions and the Colorado Plateau

Eagles, Frosty Morning

“The Uncompahgre River is a habitat for eagles who migrate south in October November. Some stay for the winter. Others head further south.”

Yankee Girl Mine Winter Bliss

“This image was taken from a snowshoe trip up to Yankee Girl Mine on Red Mountain Pass”

Mount Sneffels Spring Lupines

“In the spring, lupines are one of the first wildflowers to bloom in the mountains”

Telluride Summer Rainbows

“This picture of double rainbows near the iconic Wilson Peak in the Telluride area was taken during the summer monsoon season. ”

Band of Wild Horses, SW Colorado

“Landscape and wildlife photography is often about being at the right place at the right time and being prepared to quickly capture the fleeting moments when the lighting and position of the wildlife are just right. ”

Evening Storm, Spring Creek Basin

“I camped our and took images of the wild horses early in morning and late in the afternoon during the spring when there was still snow on the La Sal Mountains in the distance.”

Charging White Stallion

“This mustang stallion in the Spring Creek Basin refuge is charging down a hill to confront a band of horses who entered his territory.”

Milky Way Over Waterfall Canyon

“I’m always looking for interesting mountain settings to take Milky Way pictures. The effort involves backpacking and spending the night at the location. I carry special astrophotography gear to take long exposures of the Milky Way. This is a hidden waterfall in a steep narrow canyon.”

San Juan Mountain Waterfall

“My goal was to take a sunrise picture at Porphyry
Falls with the early morning sun shining through the
petals of the flowers near the falls. I arrived at the falls
before sunrise and waited for the sun to come up. ...
You will never know what kind wind conditions you
will encounter during wildflower photography season.”

Flower Sunset, Red Mountain

“This image of paintbrush flowers was taken as the sun
was setting on the Red Mountains. I hiked up to the tree
line and used a tilt-shift lens which has an incredible
amount of depth of field so both the flowers up close and
the peaks far away were in focus. This patch of paintbrush
extends to the horizon and has beautiful mix of colors. ”

Blue Lakes Columbine Sunrise

“During the wildflower season, my hikes to Blue Lakes usually start around 4 a.m. so I can arrive at the lakes before sunrise. I wear a headlamp to hike up the trail. I usually go up to the middle of the three lakes, because it gives me the option to take images looking down on the lower lake or the middle lake. This image of a lovely patch of Columbines was taken at the middle lake.”

Fall Colors on Wilson Mesa

“Wilson Mesa is one of my favorite locations for taking pictures. Like Mount Sneffels, Wilson Peak has an iconic pyramid shape but because it faces the east it is illuminated much better by the morning sun. This fall image was taken when the Gambel oaks and Aspen trees were changing color at the same time.“

Reflections of Mount Sneffles

“This beaver pond near Mt. Sneffles is rarely photographed because it requires crossing a creek a couple of times and buswhacking through willows, where I saw a pair of moose.”

True Grit Country

“I call this sunset image True Grit Country because it was taken where many scenes of the movie True Grit were filmed near Last Dollar Road and Dallas Divide.”

Much like a plein air painter, Gary Ratcliff is a plein air photographer. To capture detail and essence, he travels to his destinations—getting up close and personal. He hikes, showshoes, and backpacks. His travels take him from pristine mountain tops to redrock desert canyons, and all the glorious, picturesque spots in between.

Gary’s stunning landscape and wildlife photographs of the San Juan Mountains and desert southwest are the result of his photographic journeys. His love of the country and all the wildlife that dwells in it, speaks to the heart and soul of everyone who views his work, which has appeared in galleries and regional publications showcasing Southwest Colorado, including San Juan Skyway and Telluride magazines.

He prints and frames his work personally, using a large-format printer and museum grade papers, controlling the creative process every step of the way, to ensure that his framed photographs are professionally presented and carefully preserved.

Visit his website, to see more of his work.

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