Fiber Arts Exhibit March 2021

[March, 2021 | By Nancy deCastro]

Hosted by the Montrose Center for the Arts, the March Fiber Arts Exhibit encompasses all of the weaving arts including clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, basketry, inkle, rigid heddle, table, floor, tapestry… and more.

Many of the fiber artists exhibiting are members of the San Juan Weavers Guild, which was started in 1977 and has been involved in all things weaving from “sheep to shawl” for 44 consecutive years. Created for the exchange of ideas and knowledge of weaving and spinning in addition to community outreach, our interests range from raising sheep and alpacas, shearing and preparing the fleece, spinning the yarn, felting, knitting with handspun, and weaving with both handspun and commercial yarns.

The guild welcomes new members of all experience levels. Please check out our website:

Featured Artists & Shows

January.Marko Marino
February, Wine & Roses
March, Gary Ratcliff
March, San Juan Weavers Guild
April, Joan Anderon
May, Tim Brady
June, Square Deal Fundraiser
July, Regional Railroads
August, Natalie Heller
September, Pat Jeffers, solo show
September, Piano Concert Fundraiser
October, MVAG
November, Julia Reid
December, Cheri Isgreen

February, Mike Simpson
March, Sheryl Williams
July Barbara Kendrick, pastel
October, Bonnie Heidbrak, photography
December - Mary Pat Ettinger, paintings

December, Virginia Blackstock

Fiber Arts Exhibit

all manner of woven arts featuring members of the San Juan Weavers Guild

hand-woven clothing, jewelry, accessories, tapestry, basketry, home décor, floor, table...more

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