September 2021: Pat Jeffers, Featured Artist
Full Circle – Abstract Art

And so… another substantial life change. (The fourth big one, if you have been counting. For most of us, one epiphany, maybe two, is exceptional. For Pat, life changes seem to fall into a comfortable and timely pattern—right move; right time.)

The transition to abstract art was a struggle. “There was a lot of trial and error,” she said. “I learned a lot along the way.”  And what was developing for Pat came from her background in basketry. “A lot of the colors and delineated shapes I use, grew out of weavings.” The circles? “Basket bottoms.” The fan shapes? “Where the reeds start to spread out.” The long, flexible or curved lines? “Reeds (or weavers).” The colors? “Colors of the dyes I used.” The finished painting? “I often begin the design with the placement of circles just as a basket bottom would begin, then weave the painting from there with the shapes and colors reminiscent of my baskets.”

Her most recent endeavor is what Pat calls Poetic Landscapes. Her insight: “Abstract art can be expressed as a Poetic Landscape, a study of contrast, of dark and light shapes. I like to think of it as just ‘dressed up landscape.’ The thing about abstract art…you never reach a stopping point. Your art is always developing.”

Pat Jeffreys has defined her own style of abstract art, “a way of expressing what is uniquely me.” She’s come full circle, from round-bottomed basketry to abstract painting begun with circle. Explore and enjoy her work at Montrose Center for the Arts in September, where her solo show will hang all month. Meet her and hear more of her unique story at the opening reception, Friday, September 3rd.

Pat has taught numerous basketry and painting workshops throughout the West and is teaching a 2-day workshop at MCA, Abstraction 101, The Key to Better Representational Paintings.  The workshop takes place Thursday and Friday from 9:30 am to 4 pm both days.

Images of her work are available on her website:

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