Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder

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Julia Reid. Courtesy photo.

By Kathryn R. Burke

For Julia Reid, the search for inspiration and discovery of wonder, began at an early age. She studied art in college and moved around a lot—geographically, emotionally, and artistically, developing her interests in art, music, and photography. “It was always art, though,” she says. “I’ve explored the creative process throughout my life. The real joy comes from mark-making, whether creating realism or abstract. It’s what brings life and energy into the art.

“Nature and life itself are my inspiration. A friend shared a quote by e.b. white…’always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.’ When viewing the world around me, inspiration abounds.”

Life progressed. Along the way, Julia collected undergraduate and graduate degrees in art. She was involved in documentary film and video production, made commercials for a while, lived in Chicago and California, then moved to Telluride, where she  worked on the Telluride Film Festival and was involved with the AhHa School of Arts. From there, it was a natural progression to Ridgway, where she started a painting company, painting houses and murals. Next came Montrose, and she found a home where she could have an art studio.

“It was the sweetest thing that has happened in long time,” Julia says. “Comforting to have space I can call home. Covid hit right after I moved to Montrose…and it was a blessing in disguise! During Covid lockdown and the quiet times, I could immerse myself in my art.

“People were” [and still are] “going thru horrific things. The world around me was changing. But change is often what we need in our world. When we’re quiet, at home without all of our distractions, commitments, outside appointments, we can uplug, find a peaceful, stationary place. Creative space within us is much more available to us when we get to that place of stillness.”

Coming from a place of stillness, of meditation…sitting outside and soaking up sun or taking a walk in nature, Julia found intention: “You uncover what direction you are feeling to move forward.”

During the quiet time, Julia began constructing compositions through abstracting the visible world, expressing what she—and we—see as reality. Working primarily in oil and cold wax, she found the broad spectrum of mixed media worked well with this process and creates depth, transparency, texture, and vibrancy.

“When when going into Covid lockdown, I realized that the universe was creating the perfect conditions to bring us into a simplification, a stripping away of outside distractions, an imposed time of stillness. Self-imposed lock downs in the studio…wow! What a novel idea!! “

It was (and is) an eye-opening experience. “Most landscape artists are creating an abstraction of what they are viewing,” she explains. “They convey, using a medium of choice, their own view of nature, and invite the viewer in to share the experience.”

During that time of stillness, Julia read a book written by New York artist, Brian Rutenberg: Clear Seeing Place. That book became the inspiration for work she has included in the November show she organized for the Montrose Center for the Arts: A Clear Way of Seeing.

“Art is so subjective,”Julia says. “The viewer has his or her own filters as to what they see and what it means uniquely to them. That’s why art is an important part of our world. It shows us directions we might not otherwise have gone to without help of artists and their artistic interpretations of the world we see.”

Join Julia and her fellow artists, Cristin Johnson and Jenny McIntyre, as they encourage you on a journey of discovery and wonder.

Julia Reid, Musician

Julia Reid entertains at MCA, Nov. 16th, in special presentation celebrating Native American History Month. Details here.

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