Form: MCA Wall Artists Website Listing

This form is for those artists renting MCA WALL SPACE. If you would like your art displayed on our website on the Artists’ Page, during the term of your wall rental, please complete this form.

After completing and submitting this form, email TWO jpg images of the artwork you would like included to us at:

This is a PERMISSION FORM, granting your permission for MCA to display your work on the MCA website and for promotional purposes, and it only applies to those artists who have signed a contract with MCA to rent wall space for a specified term.
If you have questions, or would like to apply to rent wall space, please call the gallery at 970-787-9428.

  • Please provide your phone number.
    Work will appear on website Artists' Page, and may also be used elsewhere, on social media or in print, to promote you and the gallery.
  • Tell us about your artwork

  • Please describe the medium, i.e., watercolor, oil, pastel, collage, pen & ink, paper, mixed media, clay, metal, wood, fiber, If more needed, briefly describe what it is or made of, i.e., hand-painted bronze vessel with leather trim.
  • If your work is flat, hangs on the wall, give us unframed dimensions please, with first, then height. Ex: 24" W x 18" H If this is 3-D artwork, write N/A' here and enter info in 3_D artwork.
  • If your work is two-dimensional, write "N/A" here. Otherwise, tell us how big your piece is, i.e., how much room it takes up.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Use this form ONLY if you have signed a contract to rent wall space for a specified term at Montrose Center for the Arts. And, if during your rental term, you would like your work displayed on the Artist’s Page, Gallery (wall) artists.